Beth Shan Preserves are small batch and hand made thus availability is subject to seasonal fruit/vegetable supply and customer demand.  If you wish to confirm availability please email us and we will assist you - here is a small selection of our range.

Apple Chutney - (January till August)  Using crisp apples sourced from home gardens or a favoured orchardist in Harcourt, we "age" this Chutney (like wine) within the jar three months to allow the apple cider vinegar to break down and release the full flavour of the apples, onions, cloves, ginger and allspice.   An "all-rounder" chutney with a deep and complex flavour suitable for meats and pies, this chutney can also be used as a flavour base to slow cooker casserole recipes. 

Cherry Jam - (December to March)  We hand pit cherries direct from trees in Harcourt, resulting in a whole fruit, taste and texture experience.  Very time consuming and a short season means this "confiture" often sells out but we refuse to extend availability by using "cherry pulp" a cheap bulk import from overseas.  Whilst perfect as jam, when drizzled over a quality vanilla icecream (we recommend Powlett St Ices of Kyneton) this makes a special desert.

Crabapple Jelly - (May to November)  Using crabapples from a yard in Trenthum, this jelly is less sweet and more tart than typical jellies.  Enjoyable on toast, it also compliments a cheese platter and can be used as a glaze for rich meats such as pork and duck.

Fig Paste /Jam / Chutney - (February until sold out, usually September)  From a single grower in Shepparton East we drive up each summer to collect his ripest figs and then process them for days, and days, and days.  Fig Paste is a perfect match for blue or cheddar cheese, the Jam is quite simply "moreish"  and the Chutney is a complex combination of fig, onions, raisins, sultanas, garlic, paprika, ginger, chilli, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Like all Chutney, this improves with age so our last jars sell out as summer approaches, ready to start the process once again.

Orange Marmalade & Lemon Marmalade - (All year round) Did you know a french styled marmalade takes 3 days to make?  First, we use steeping to release the oils, then maceration to extract the flavour, and finally the magic of the copper pots to produce a clean tasting, zesty produce that is a Beth Shan favourite.  Many of our stockists serve on hot buttered toast and crumpets. At Christmas we produce a spiced three citrus version (grapefruit. lemon and orange, cloves, cinnamon, etc.) that makes the perfect glaze to a Baked Ham. Oranges come from Mildura, Lemons from everywhere, but not Woodend - too cold!

Grapefruit Marmalade - (December to January) A friend in Gisbourne provides massive grapefuits that makes the tartest marmalade we produce.  Perfect as a gift for that grandfather or uncle who have fond memories of this classic style and taste.  A breakfast experience - seriously tart but never bitter!

Piccalilli -  (All year round but can be in short supply - check stockists)  Our homage to the classic english mustard pickle that should be on every corn beef sandwich!  Equal parts - salty and sweet, warm and rich - we finely chop fresh cauliflower, zucchini, onion, green beans, red capsicum and garlic and let it age. A "ploughmans lunch" favourite.

Pickled Zucchini Slices - (All year round  but can be in short supply- check stockists) Our "signature" pickles are a mixture of sweet and savoury that is so popular we barely keep up with demand.  Why? well seriously good pickles take time so to source, make and age is a minimum 5 weeks.  In a house-made vinegar solution of mustard, turmeric and coriander we hot pickle fresh zuchinnis, capsicums, and onions.  Best enjoyed simply with a really good Cheddar and Red Wine (we recommend our stockist Cloud 9 Farm's farm-house Cheddar and Wines) and some crusty bread - well, you could be in provence. 

Tomato Chilli Jam - (All year round - usually) A customer favourite!  Many of our cafe stockists serve this on burgers, toasties, perfect on scrambled eggs. The chilli flavour is subtle, providing a warmth to compliment the tomatoes rather than overpower it.  We source tomatoes from many growers, with Shepparton a regular location.

Strawberry Jam -  (November to July) We use whole, strawberries, hand cut, direct from growers in the Yarra Valley.  No imported berries here!  A classic jam, ours is rich with chunks of strawberry fruit - simply perfect to spread over quality sourdough bread with salted butter.  Our french methods and copper pots always provides a genuine " confiture de fraise" experience.

Quince Paste - (May to November) Fruit sourced from multiple trees including Woodend and Malmsbury this is classical, rich paste. Being artisanal, the paste purposely has a slight grainy texture of the original fruit and a much stronger flavour.  A cheese platter favorite.

We also make: Apple and Ginger Chutney,  Blackberry Jam,  Green Tomato Chutney,  Nectarine Jam,  Pear and Ginger Jam,  Plum Jam,  Tomato Sauce,  Onion Marmalade,  Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam, and Onion Marmalade