Once upon a time, a family moved to the country and started making jam.

That was way back in 2006 when Anne, Peter and daughter Isabella moved to the Macedon Ranges and restored 'Beth Shan', a 150-year-old heritage cottage in Woodend. In the backyard was a very productive Quince Tree so they thought “Let’s make Jam!”


The naturally ripened fruit, slow grown, made excellent Jam. Before long, friends & family were trading their excess Home Grown Produce and 'Beth Shan Preserves', a genuine handmade, small batch producer was born.

10 years later the range has expanded to over 60 products but Beth Shan has not changed. Still a small scale Artisanal Producer - each product is made by hand, in their historic home's kitchen, applying traditional "confiture" techniques in french copper pots.  

Fruit and vegetable still comes from friend's yards, abandoned orchards and hobby farms but they now also proudly support small scale Victorian farmers. Be it Strawberries from the Yarra Valley, Beetroot from Ballarat, and Figs from Shepparton, this produce is regularly collected direct from the farm gate.

Lastly, Beth Shan has made a conscious decision to stay small - their motto "local, seasonal and sustainable" means preserves are made when the fruit/vegetables are in season, at their ripest and in abundance.  It is better for the environment, the grower and for you, the customer.

Local. Seasonal. Sustainable.  Follow on Instagram @besthshan_preserves